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Donate to a more than worthy cause! — The Craft Market Walk raises funds for the SUNY Ulster LACE Photo Media Student Arts Scholarship. This scholarship will be given to a local Ulster County student attending a SUNY Ulster Arts Program. What a gift! The gift of an education in the arts!

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For A Cause: 2019
why we ask you to join us on this walk

The Craft Market Walk is built on the foundation of supporting local, shopping small, and cultivating community. For this reason, we are proud to create an arts scholarship to our local community college — SUNY Ulster for a local student. The Craft Market Walk is full of Hudson Valley handmade goods and was created and run by LACE Photo Media: a full service brand strategy and design firm right here in the Hudson Valley. Founders of both the Craft Market Walk and LACE Photo Media - sisters, Lucia and Alicia Civile - began their college education at this very institution; so donating back to the community through a SUNY Ulster arts major scholarship only made sense! Support local and see the local benefits!

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The suny ulster lace photo media ARTS scholarship

SUNY Ulster is committed to excellence in education and is dedicated to providing high-quality and cost-effective learning experiences that prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in a diverse, ever-changing, and interconnected global community. They offer a wide range of art and design majors right here in our county. We’re proud and excited to raise funds for a student arts scholarship for a local student in an arts major!

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