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Saturday, June 2nd 2018 11am-7pm

The Craft Market Walk is an event inspired by the artisans, farmers and craftsmanship in and around Gardiner, NY.

Peruse through a one mile Craft Market Walk stretching from the Gardiner Library, to the Farmer's Market Grounds, across the Gardiner Rail Trail and onto the Yard Owl Craft Brewery! Enjoy handmade jewelry, vintage furniture, all-natural skincare, herbal remedies, farmhouse pottery, up-cycled clothing, small batch spirits, craft beer, local wine and all-day music, raffles and activities all along the way. This event is family-friendly and we encourage all ages to join in the Craft Market Walk festivities. Come for community, shopping, food, and fun!

WOW! What a great event LACE organized in Gardiner for all local craftspeople. The first annual Craft Market Walk was a great success and had a much larger turnout than I was expecting. I’m sure it will grow exponentially in the years to come. A perfect compliment to the town and its community.
— Gable Erenzo, Gardiner Liquid Mercantile

Discover Our Vendors + Artisans

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Vandalay Leatherworks hand-crafts every piece that leaves their shop – hand-cut, hand-stitched, and made with care in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

Quality is the first priority, which is why Vandalay Leatherworks strives to use American-made leather hides and solid brass hardware whenever possible. No matter the item, everything that leaves the shop is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Buy it once, buy it for life.


An ever-growing collection of clothing inspired by the simple beauty of the Irish landscape and stories of the past. Petria Lenehans work is based around the values held in everyday life - the idea that less is more, and that investing in quality and authentic design will enrich the daily life of an individual.

Petria Lenehan chooses to work with fabrics that are steeped in tradition and have a close connection to the rich heritage of craft in Ireland. The shapes are simple, classic, modern and relaxed, reasonless pieces that reflect the plain beauty of well made things, to be worn for decades to come.


Designs by Jyoti creates beautiful candles that are a magical addition to dinner parties, weddings, henna/mehndi ceremonies, and other holidays and festivities, such as Diwali. These beautiful candles also make excellent gifts and party favors.


Shoshona has been working non-stop as a ceramic artist since she finished college. Starting as a mobile ceramics teacher, Shoshona instructed kids and adults while creating her own work. In 2006, she found Etsy and it's been a full-time, non-stop, studio ever since. As a one woman operation, Shoshona sells on Etsy and in boutiques, museums and gallery shops around the country.

Her work is very labor intensive and time consuming, but gives her a sense of purpose and accomplishment. She love knowing that her work is used on a daily basis or for special occasions or being displayed and brightening someone's day.


The goal of The Peach Tree is to provide simple, true to the earth beauty for people to wear and benefit from the gemstone’s properties. With low use of metal, this jewelry allows the stones to speak for themselves. Additionally, the artist, Amy, seeks out and showcases lesser seen and uniquely cut pieces. The Peach Tree shares a love for geology and the property of stones through thoughtful selection, sourcing through local miners when possible, and outlining the benefits for each piece.


SUNDUST : Ethical Sustainable Vintage & Repurposed Fashions

Sundust is an eclectic collection of hand-picked one of a kind vintage fashions. Here we relish in the wonder of times gone by, which we feel can be closer imagined when wearing the fabulous fashions left behind.

Equally as inspiring to us is how providing a quality source for secondhand clothing minimizes the amount of wasted textiles that will eventually end up in landfills. These unique and well-made vintage pieces were created to last, making Sundust a more sustainable shopping experience, with a more ethical impact on our environment.

Quality. Connection. Longevity. Diversity. These are the things that matter to us at Sundust, and what we aim always to provide.


Going out into the forests and fields, harvesting materials from nature, and sitting down in the sun to weave a basket is Katie's idea of a perfect day! As an artist her passion is to create art with all natural materials that she harvests and prepares from the beautiful landscape around her home. As an educator, she guides adults and children alike in connecting to their creative self through the combination of art and nature. With a background in Fibers Art from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and a BFA in Printmaking from SUNY New Paltz, Katie Grove currently exhibits work regionally in galleries and teaches nature and art workshops throughout the Hudson Valley.


Hudson Naturals skincare company is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York. Inspired by nature and the therapeutic, rejuvenating qualities of plants and flowers around us; we began making our own natural products to soothe, cleanse and hydrate the skin without the use of potentially harmful additives found in many commercial skincare and bath products.

All of our skincare and bath products are made from scratch in small batches. Sourcing the best local and sustainable plant oils, extracts, butters, waxes and botanicals is fundamental to our philosophy. We do not use detergents, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum, artificial colorants or dyes, unnatural preservatives or fillers and we do not undertake animal testing.

Pure • Simple • Plant-based Skin Care


Hudson Craft Co. creates unique, handmade dream catchers which are inspired by both traditional Native American pieces and the beauty of the Hudson Valley. Each piece is handcrafted using high quality yarn, twine, feathers, Hudson River driftwood and various other materials, including some recycled items. Each dream catcher is truly one of a kind and is handmade in the Hudson Valley.


JSky Dyes features hand-dyed, hand-sewn and made with love pieces in New York’s Hudson Valley. Handmade means mama-made at JSky Dyes, and every item is one-of-a-kind.


At Wonder & Kind, their mission to create heirloom playthings came from their desire to provide their daughter with high quality, long lasting toys. In their tiny studio in the Hudson Valley region of NY, they began their journey. They found that simple, classic toys engaged imagination the most and that began the basis for their line. With experience in the art of soft sculpture and teddy bear making, Wonder and Kind set out to use mohair and wool like the bears of long ago. Each animal is triple stitched for durability and complete with safety eyes & joints. They're meant to be loved, kissed, & hugged, but most of all, a part of your family for years to come!


Creating an array of creative illustrations and gifts, Darcey Anne of DacArtInk calls the Hudson Valley home and has illustrated several published books.


Bohemian Farm Girl is a an eclectic mix of handcrafted pillows, children's sundresses, aprons, home decor and more. Bohemian Farm Girl is inspired by the farm girls; drawn to a life of working with their hands in the garden, in the barn, in the kitchen, and in the studio. Their minds are busy with plans and ideas. Their hearts hum a song to help get all the chores done. But not without beauty--the backdrop for which all this occurs and the unnamed force that quietly sustains the farm girl. Function is as important as the power of beauty and creative expression.

Photo by Anne Bartlett Photography



Unique, one of a kind, handmade birdhouses for use outside or as folk art in your home. Handcrafted from antique wood, copper, tin and hardware.

After retiring as a finish carpenter, Frederick took the advice of his partner and began crafting unique bird houses from antique wood, copper, tine and hardware. Paying attention to autobahn society specs for details required by different species.

It all came together to be what they are, handcrafted with hinged clean-out doors, armored entry holes to prevent predator damage and egg stealing.

Finished and sealed for outside use or as a folk art touch in your home.


Sarah Berman is a freelance visual artist specializing in biological illustration and graphic design. She is currently based in Beacon, New York, after graduating from Parsons The New School of Design with a BA Honors in Illustration. Sarah is inspired by science, natural history, problem solving, and people. She works in both technical and intuitive styles to communicate simplicity in complex subjects and playfulness in the mundane.


Lockhart Wrks are a composite of observations and experiences; the world seen and felt — from Incan to industrial architecture, arch bridges, art deco motifs, and weathered colonial facades. Rebecca's pieces convey a sense of character and quality that withstands the test of time, like a rich patina on metal or wood.

The dualities of urban and rural life are reflected throughout the line by juxtaposing materials and shapes: hard and soft, dark and light, geometric and organic.

With an experimental and sometimes unconventional approach to processes, Rebecca strives to produce pieces with a dynamic expressiveness, as original and distinct as the wearers themselves.


LACE Photo Media is a full service brand strategy + design photography firm. Sisters, Lucia + Alicia Civile founded LACE Photo Media to help businesses establish their brand identity and cultivate their media presence. These sisters will be at the Craft Market Walk selling their professional photography on canvas and in frames.


Locally and lovingly handcrafted with the finest natural ingredients, Heart & Arrow Handcrafted produces unique soaps & skin care formulations that make your body feel divine and your senses alive. Created at our studio in the heart of the Shawangunk & Catskill Mountains, our eco-friendly soap process, minimal packaging & charitable giving means you can enjoy the most luxurious bath & shower experience while contributing to a better world.

The Heart & Arrow community, through your purchases, helps empower women in impoverished regions of the world to learn the art of soapmaking, creating paths to sustainable livelihoods and improving family & community health.


We are twin sisters of the heart, Evangeline and Lisa Marie, who transform the infinite colors, scents and textures from nature into quality beauty products to share with you. Follow us to our place of escape, where we use the energy of nature itself to relax, renew and revive your entire being.

Our products are handcrafted in small batches on demand, using only high quality ingredients to ensure the finest results. We proudly sell only what we would give to our most cherished gifts- our family, our friends and most especially, our eight children.

Kat exists for a much more important reason- to bring real help to those in need. Please know that 10% of every purchase you make at Kat becomes part of a larger private monthly donation to craftsmen and artisans in Haiti. Proudly supporting, your purchase funds job training, education and the community development necessary to bring this extraordinary impoverished nation and its citizens into the world economy.


Shannon created The Sweet Ampersand as a place to showcase her progress in learning how to hand letter, and to hopefully meet others who share the same interest in learning how to get better at this amazing practice! Shannon loves crafts, calligraphy, watercolor, school supplies, the Dollar Spot at Target, Home Goods, and hand lettering, since January of 2017.


The Folkloric Jewelry collection by Elena Carey features handmade delicate designs combining wire wrapping and silk knotting, semi-precious stones, and unique hand-forged clasps that are easy to wear. Folkloric's pieces are sophisticated, trendy and timeless.

Items in the collection are inspired by characters and creatures of folklore and history.



El Marie Macramé is a fiber artist focusing in on the beauty of Macramé. Featuring handmade art including wall hangings, plant hangers, and garlands. Many of El Marie Macramé's pieces feature foraged driftwood, delicate cotton cord, and hand-dyed materials using only composted ingredients.

Lindsay "El Marie" is inspired by the organic shape and textures of natural materials as well as the unrestrained opportunity to let a piece guide it's maker in any given direction. Each piece of art truly stands alone, and the feeling of excitement and gratitude it brings when other people enjoy the work is unparalleled. Macramé is a very therapeutic outlet that’s always waiting it's maker to return to.

Lindsay provides both small community and intimate in-home workshops. Great as celebratory gatherings – Mother’s Day, as an alternative for a bridal party activity, and other holidays. The workshops generally run 2-3 hours, all materials are provided, and they include information on where to locate materials, how to prepare driftwood, basic knot techniques, and creating a piece start to finish while enjoying good conversations and some laughs.


Hester’s Studio creates handcrafted ceramics for the home, garden, and unique wearables. Nature that surrounds the studio in the Hudson Valley has heavily influenced the work. Hester draws inspiration from elements of daily life; landscapes, textiles, foliage, flowers and food. Hester strives to create simple pieces for everyday use with the desire to express the beauty with utility. Each piece is hand built with slab construction, using a strong white stoneware clay. Some pieces incorporate different elements such as repurposed leather and wood. Much attention is given to the layering of textures, creating asymmetrical compositions. Because everything is made by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike, each pieces imperfections are celebrated and this is what truly makes them one of a kind.


Beautiful prints primarily of the Hudson Valley by Stephanie McGrogan sold in handcrafted frames by Van Mcgrogan. Find beautiful mountains, streams and nature in frames built from the ground up. All wooden frames are handcrafted and held together without fasteners, allowing a strong, natural frame that highlights the wood's natural grain. Finished with Danish oil to create the perfect stain.



Started in 2016 by Steven Kratochwill & Thomas Felten, B.W.D. is focused on making handmade furniture and home décor from reclaimed products. The young artisans not only enjoy the building the products, but especially enjoy the design process with the clients and the joy it brings them when they bring their clients ideas to life. Also included in their creative portfolio is to share the story from where their reclaimed products came from, and the journey that it has made to get into their hands. Most of the wood sourced comes from local barns in hopes to keep the history to the area that it is most prevalent.


A small, home-based business in Upstate New York, Three Wags was inspired by the owner's three four-legged kids, Holly, Fenny and Tibby. Catherine began designing and making dog blankets in the summer of 2014 and everything is designed and made by her with a little help from friends.

Catherine's shop is the coming together of things she is passionate about - dogs, blankets, problem solving and "handmade" goods. Three Wags blankets creatively and practically problem solve. Reversible dog blankets and waterproof dog blankets that work as crate pad covers, too. Cusomters will appreciate the quality, durability, and ease of use for Three Wags' products.


Earth Goddess Awakened creates handcrafted home decor made from driftwood found in the Hudson Valley. Featuring candle holders, wood burned signs and home decor.

Keira & Oswalds.jpg


Handmade and up cycled unique pet creations. As an all around animal lover, Amy is particularly inspired by her own 3 pets; a dog (Keira), a hedgehog (Oswald), and a bunny. A lot of care is put into the materials used and sustainability, quality, and safety are always a consideration when creating each unique product.


Vintage, re-imagined and re-loved. Hazel and Hudson Vintage prides themselves on rescuing little bits of piece of weathered wood, rusty metal, broken glass and forgotten object at a time.


Marysa is an artist by nature. She creates primarily wearable artwork. Her metalwork accentuates the beauty and richness found in the world around us. Using elements such as wood, stone, botanicals and recycled metals, she strives to express her reverence for the wonders of nature through her work.

Her inspiration comes from organic matter as well as humanity and interrelatedness. She works to protect and present diverse organic forms through enhancing and responding to their natural beauty. She captures this element in her jewelry by leaving raw essentials which expose the natural awe of these forms. Nature is ever-evolving, as is her work.


Though related to cucumbers and pumpkins, hard-shelled gourds have the strength, durability, and look of wood. Gourds have a rich history and have been used through the ages to store grains, hold liquids, play music, and purchase goods.

The artist, Devon Cameron, has been showcased in many galleries including the Art Institute of Chicago and the Smithsonian's American Art Museum Gift Shops. Cameron is fascinated by the gourd art created in other cultures and countries. "Mother Nature has spread these wonderful creations of hers all over the world, enabling artists to present their unique cultures through gourd art. Art breaks down superficial barriers between nations and unites the creative human spirit in all of us. So, through Mother Nature's first, simple utterance, I have discovered her more enduring message: 'peace through art.'"


Victor Coreas is an artist, graphic designer, and founder of Bold Version.
Growing up on Long Island in a creative family gave him the kick start he needed for a career in
design. Inspiration took hold through travel and exploration. Now transported to the Hudson
Valley with his wife and son, his unique designs continue to emerge from his experiences.
When it’s time to explore a new direction in design, Victor looks to his hobbies and passions.
Never satisfied with the norm, he has a constant desire to create something new and learn from
the world around him.



Handcrafted glass-burned wood panel designs by Nat Calao, featuring various types of cherry wood, plywood, basswood and walnut.

Glass burned wood panels combines art and nature where inspiration is drawn. Nat found that she wasn't satisfied with painting and drawings, so explored pyrography and loved the aesthetic of burned wood. She found that molten glass allows exploration of an unconventional art form. Nat's designs are the result of her interest in abstract expressionism.


Meaty Mugs is proudly located in Hyde Park, NY. Over the years, The Meaty Mugs team has learned a lot about the benefits and the positive impact of healthy dog treats, so offering human grade treats that are made in the USA was a no-brainer. Meaty Mugs treats are safe so customers don't have to worry about their dogs getting sick from treats filled with unnecessary ingredients that could lead to diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, or even cancer. We offer simple & healthy, 1 ingredient treats, using all natural human grade ingredients. Our treats are great for all breeds of dogs and puppies (and even cats love them too), and they are also a great option for dogs fed a raw dog food diet.

As an earth friendly company, our dog treat bags are made from 40% recycled natural kraft paper and lined with a compostable film made from annually renewable plants. Our labels are also made from that same plant material, so all of our bags are compostable!

The team at Meaty Mugs is not only passionate about the health of their own dogs, but about yours, as well.


Redford Studios creates handmade jewelry boxes using up-cycled wooden crates and eclectic pieces such as reclaimed porcelain hand 'hooks.'

As a recent transplant to the Hudson Valley from a life in the film business in the city, Amanda is a full time artist. Inspired by the vast natural environment around her, Amanda looks for reclaimed materials to combine into utilitarian design pieces.



Uptown Attic provides today's consignor and shopper with a fun, positive and rewarding experience. As our consignor, your items are carefully cared for and beautifully displayed in our store so you receive the best possible selling price. As our shopper, you will find clothing and accessories that have been hand selected and range from unique & trendy to classy & timeless. As your consignment store, we take pride in our customer service and inviting atmosphere. Uptown Attic is sure to become a favorite on your list!

Uptown Attic accepts clothing for all shapes and sizes in women, women's plus and junior girls. We also carry girls and boys sizes in infant through size 10 and have large selection of jewelry, shoes and handbags.

Uptown Attic can be found at the Farmer's Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk!


Knots In Your Head is a creative woodworking studio using only salvaged wood; no trees are harmed in the making of each piece.

Offering interesting and unique designs in wood art, Knots In Your Head creates beautiful vintage work as well as modern pieces with respect to the integrity of the wood. Featuring pepper mills, pens, vases, desk accessories, furniture and more.


Lisa Medoff's jewelry designs are inspired by natural forms and colors. Her love for jewelry has stemmed from her experiences as a little girl.

Lisa incorporates recycled sterling and bronze into her work and works with sterling silver, bronze, brass and semi-precious stones united in harmonious combinations that reflect natural environments. Pieces can also be custom ordered in gold.

Lisa Medoff studied under Lisa Spiros whose work can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Art and Design.


Growing up in a rural community in Central Wisconsin, my relationship to the land defined my character. I learned to appreciate, respect, and admire the natural landscape through a series of early explorations. Since moving to New York’s Hudson Valley in 2011, the challenge of hiking the Catskill Mountains has become a focal point for my work in ceramics. My map series utilizes topographic imagery to capture the sense of playfulness and adventure that I have discovered during my recent explorations.

Cheyenne currently works for the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and teaches ceramics classes throughout the Hudson Valley. She has continued her studio practice making functional ceramics, and has exhibited her work nationally.


Darling Wren was started in 2017 with a passion to offer illustration and design services for events, branding, and homes. We love creating for bad ass babes and little darlings!

Custom wedding invitation suites are our main focus, but the same goal always applies; leave our clients bursting with excitement on the final result! We are available for custom and semi-custom invitations, envelope lettering, and day of items. We also have finished pieces in the shop, perfect for brightening up your home or nursery. If you are interested in tips and tricks of watercolor painting and calligraphy, look out for #WrenWorkshops online and on the road.


Lucky Bug Clothing Company makes soft, adorable baby clothing that is ethically produced in New York, so that you and the child in your life can both be comfortable. Made from organic bamboo viscose jersey, Lucky Bug Clothing is designed with humorous, hand-drawn prints that are (almost) as cute as your little one.

Soft, Stylish, Sustainable and Sweatshop-Free.


Alexa's creations live in a realm of delight in form and color—a world that's both imaginary and whimsical.

These eco-friendly soft sculpture wool animals and puppets are inspired by living creatures and the variations, patterns, and hues of the natural world but are not representational. Rather the artist seeks to distill spirit and essence into form and line, expressed through the language of color and play.

Felt-making is an ancient art, earthy and meditative.The process Alexa uses involves building up layers of wool fiber on a resist pattern. The fibers are then saturated with soapy water and agitated by rolling in a textured mat many hundreds of times until the loose wool becomes a soft but strong, resilient textile.

The artist fell in love with the feel of soft wool in her hands and the possibility of molding it into whatever she could imagine the first time she took a felting workshop more than a decade ago. She hasn't stopped, developing her own style and technique in the process.



Crippen Works designs elegant needle cases made with vintage buttons and fabric remnants. All fabrics are limited runs, so many pieces are one of a kind! Snatch up your favorite pattern before it's all gone!

Looking for a gift for a knitter in your life? The Travel Knitting case is perfect, holding a little bit of everything.


Handmade signs + decor to bless your life and home. These creative gifts feature special verses + encouragement that serve as daily reminders in any home.


As a full time career firefighter for the city of Kingston for the past 20 years, on his off time, Mark creates things in his woodshop. From farm tables, to coffee tables, benches and wine racks. Expect to see a variety of beautiful pieces!


Skincare brewed with beer & hops. Wholesome ingredients, guaranteed to work, with nothing to hide. When you use our products, you'll feel the pride, passion and love that we've poured into each and every ounce. Since 2006, Cindy has been crafting wholesome skincare products to help people with allergies, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and the effects of chemotherapy. In all, Farmbody has over 20 high quality products to choose from!


Darcy creates handwoven baskets, integrating antlers and driftwood from the Hudson Valley to create utilitarian and sculptural designs.


Lilac Hill Designs is the work of Connie's creative spirit coming to fruition. The garden is a source of inspiration in her designs for a wide array of gifts for the home and gardener - and non-gardener alike! Her signature Cross-Body Garden bag has become a must-have and well-loved product by many gardeners.


We are twin sisters who love to travel, especially to Europe .

As little girls, we always spent our summers in Portugal visiting our grandparents and learning all about our Portuguese heritage .

Last summer, we visited the south of France and Portugal, we took in the sights, sounds and fashions. Inspired by our travels through the glamorous Cote D'Azur, we saw beautiful cork products all over Portugal and were immediately delighted and inspired! Our love of travel has influenced the unique names for each individual bag. We fell in love with the softness, style, lightweight and sustainability of the cork handbags. We decided we had to bring this unique product back home to the U.S and share these beautiful purses and accessories with friends,family and fashionistas alike. We hope you enjoy your Cork handbag as much as we loved discovering it for you.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.15.31 PM.png


Tin Can Juicery sells organic juices and smoothies out of a 1958 aluminum camper. All juices are fresh pressed and made to order and they're all organic, all the time. Tin Can Juicery also sells organic, gluten free, and vegan baked goods made by Happy Belly.


ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs are created in their own facility with passion and appreciation for 100% pure, whole food ingredients to promote and support you in your lifestyle. From day one, Immune Schein has been committed to never using any water, vinegar, sugar, powders, additives, preservatives, flavors or anything other than real food in any products as an ingredient. If you are in search of the purest, highest quality, small-batch, handmade ginger elixir on the market, for a one of a kind taste and the most flexibility of use, then ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs will be for you.


Made in the Hudson Valley, this husband and wife team have created an eclectic array of small batch, artisanal snacks. Using the finest ingredients which are carefully sourced, their line of snacks are raw, vegan, gluten-free products that will make your mouth water. With flavors such as Purple Rain, Jalapeno Surprise and Ma Cha Cha, their products are tasty and fun!


With small beginnings, Kristin Nelson's homemade small-batch salted caramel sauce is now available in over 40 shops in nine New York counties. Kristin offers her handcrafted, small batch salted caramel sauce with all-natural ingredients (just five of them & zero preservatives!) and baked goods made with the caramel.


Since 1987, Meredith's Bread has taken pride in producing all-natural and preservative-free baked goods by hand. Family owned and operated, what began as a small bakery made up of only 10 products has grown into a company providing over 180 different items. This includes a full line of gluten-free products made in our dedicated facility with it's own staff, equipment and certified gluten-free ingredients.

We are passionate about maintaining the quality and integrity of our products, as well as supporting the sustainability of New York State agriculture through local ingredient sourcing. We attend over 44 farmer's markets a week during our peak seasons as our main point of sale and offer online ordering within the United States.



Fruit & Pepper is a modern twist on traditional fruit jam. Conceptualized by Gary Catavero, Fruit & Pepper features beautiful sweet notes with an underlying hot pepper finish. In each flavor of jam, there is a unique pepper that gives the certain jam flavor it's signature kick. Find Strawberry Rocotillo, Blueberry Lemon Drop, Cherry Manzano, Raspberry Habanero, Blackberry Fatalii and Apple Fresno at this year's Craft Market Walk!


Christine is the liquid artist behind Freefall Sangria. CK is a creator of celebration: maker of sangria, wine, and beer, ever seeking to expand her skills of creating powerful and deeply flavorful libations for the masses.

Tom is the co-founder of Liquid Altitude. Tom is the mastermind of product development behind Freefall Sangria. He also holds the supremely important titles of Absolute Sangria Taster, Case Carrier, and Mover of All Things Big.

Together, the duo has accumulated over 18,000 jumps. See them at the marketplace on the Craft Market Walk!


Meadow Wilds is a Flower Farm & Design Studio by the mountains of New Paltz, NY. Meadow Wilds provides farm grown flowers for weddings, farm markets, shops & personal as well as Bouquet CSA Shares!

Photo by
Teresa Horgan Photography


Organic Full Leaf Tea & Apothecary
Delicious handblended artisan teas and thoughtfully crafted body/spa products that are pure to the core.


Two Gardiner Gals. Made in the Hudson Valley.

We make the Wine and then make it into jelly.

DOC SCHWARZ Wine Jelly has won first, second and Best of Show at Ulster County Fair.


Rebecca's love for baking started at a very young age. She would help her mom in the kitchen, baking sweet and savory foods. After working several years in the medical field she put her career on hold to raise a family. While her children were at school, Rebecca began exploring fun and creative ways to make desserts. In 2012, she made her very first cake pop for the holidays. Rebecca hasn’t stopped baking since! She began making cake pops for family, friends, and soon received inquiries for custom-made creations. Her baking hobby grew into an exciting small business as she honed her skills as a baker and an artist. What keeps Rebecca baking are her clients! Your appreciation for her craft keeps her in the kitchen whisking, popping and imagining.


Suntrap is Geraldine's practice as a healer: catching and reflecting the sun to create microclimates of warmth and light around her.

Geraldine is a health and nutrition advocate, specializing in supporting diet and lifestyle adjustments while utilizing plant and fungi medicine to address patterns of imbalance. Geraldine has received training in nutrition, supplementation, reading blood work, and understanding energetics of people, illnesses, and plants.



Acorn Hill Farm is a goat farm with an organic and sustainable philosophy. Acorn Hill Farm makes a variety of fresh and aged cheeses using only the milk of their small herd of organically managed goats. They also make savory and sweet treats including goat's milk yogurt and goat's milk fudge.


The Blue Olive is a family-owned olive oil and vinegar tasting room located in the villages of Pawling and Cold Spring, New York. We aim to bring the olive oil and vinegar tasting experience to you in the only way we know how – authentically, honestly and purely. We only source our oils and vinegars from the most reputable growers and mills, and rotate our oils from Northern and Southern Hemispheres twice a year to ensure optimal freshness. Moreover, all of our Ultra Premium, infused and fused oils are certified by The Orthodox Union as Kosher.


Santina's Harvest makes three base sauces composed of a blend of fresh vegetables. By adding a different component to any of these sauces (ginger, habanero peppers, honey), they can easily be changed, customizing them to any individual's taste


Organic, raw, local kombucha crafted in New Paltz, NY and served on tap in New York's Hudson Valley and beyond.

We craft premium organic kombucha in small batches, with flavors inspired by locally sourced ingredients, served on tap throughout New York's Hudson Valley.

Calmbucha is our brand of premium kombucha which starts as a sweet organic tea before it's fermented with probiotic bacteria & yeast cultures converting the organic cane sugar and caffeine into nutritive, healing and energizing properties. We then creatively enhance the brew with the highest quality of organic herbs, spices, and fruits, producing the refreshing and invigorating drink that you now enjoy!


Peony and Bee is an eclectic online boutique that specializes in home goods, creative gifts, garden decor, accessorie and more! Expect great gifts for the gardener including air plants, house plants, potted plants and their accessories.


Everything made by Phoenicia Honey Co. is farm crafted in small batches, filled with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Find flavorful infused raw local honey, lovely lip balm, beeswax scented candles, decadent scrub and other naturally made tasty honey inspired goodies at the Market. Phoenicia Honey Company is based at Amira's Farm, where bees and plants are grown organically and with love.


At Local Artisan Bakery, we believe in art.

Every artist has a craft – baking is ours. All of our products are made in small batches with fresh, high-quality ingredients and the utmost attention to detail.

We also believe in honoring the arts of others. This means sourcing local ingredients and using local suppliers whenever possible – to support the other artisans in our community.


Alissa's Gourmet Cupcakes are homemade with high quality ingredients, love and a smile. Cupcakes are a nostalgic childhood memory for Alissa and hold a special place in her heart. When customers bite into their customized gourmet cupcakes, a smile seems to follow. Focusing on taste, quality and moist decadence, Alissa's Gourmet Cupcakes are a sweet addition for every special occasion.


Four generations of the Tantillo family have been operating their farm for over 80 years! Frank Tantillo transformed this Gardiner dairy farm to fruit and vegetables in 1932. For 84 years since, the farm has been continuously operated. As winners of Hudson Valley Best for their cider donuts, Tantillo's will be featuring their award-winning freshly baked pies and handcrafted cider donuts. The finest farm-fresh ingredients go into the baked goods, jams, jellies, doughnuts, muffins and breads.


Hard cider is currently the fastest-growing sector of alcoholic beverages in the United States and Kettleborough is helping lead the charge. Aiding this revival is the resurgence of traditional hard cider apple varieties. Much of the orchard land in colonial America was dedicated to apples that were meant to be made into hard cider, not eaten.

Kettleborough Cider House is one of the proud few cideries in the region that has planted and harvested these ancient apples. With seventeen European varieties (such as Somerset Red Streak) and five heirloom American varieties (like Esopus Spitzenburg), we are on the leading edge of bringing back the unique, complex, and downright delicious beverage our ancestors knew and loved.


Having a passion for cooking and baking with the perfumes and flavors of chocolate, flowers, herbs, citrus, exotic fruits, berries, nuts, and spices over the last 20 years, Chef Oliver Kita turned his time and focus to studying and training with the top master chocolatiers on two continents. The result is the Oliver Kita line of artisan fine chocolates. Only the most local and fair trade sources are complemented by traditional French methods and the finest ingredients are used. Heavy satin cream, award-winning sweet butter, the finest fruits, low sugar, and carefully selected and roasted nuts are all in an artfully hand-crafted design by Kita.


Whitecliff Vineyard is an artisanal family run winery created from the ground up by owners and founders, Michael Migliore and Yancey Stanforth-Migliore.

Establishing the vineyard has been an ongoing process since 1979. With over 20 varieties of grapes planted, it involves years of trial and error to determine which varieties will produce good yields and quality wine, while withstanding the cold winters. The rigorous approach of science and engineering, along with a generous helping of pigheaded determination, has provided the knowledge and the strong base necessary to create a successful vineyard and winery.


Established in 2014, Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils is family owned & operated. Using sunflowers grown on their own farm, Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils crafts their cold pressed sunflower oil right in the Hudson River Valley. Offering full flavor, nutritional value and many health benefits.


Distinguished Traditional Jam from LunaGrown. Handmade in small batches and shipped just about anywhere. All natural, no artificial additives, gluten free, GMO free. Best Quality for a Healthy Choice. LunaGrown grows a variety of fruits and berries to create distinguished traditional jams. All of our products are seasonal and depend on local agriculture.

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Started in a 400 square foot shed, brew masters James Walsh and Kristop Brown came together to create an old European style in the new world of brewing. Only the best ingredients are used in every batch with attention to detail is made by "four hands."

Yard Owl Craft Brewery will be serving delicious brews and barbecue all day long, so come hungry!



Fresh, warm, kettle corn made on the spot in Mary and Joe's top of the line kettle. They believe a good life is a little sweet and a little salty.

Mary and Joe travel to Costa Rica as often as they can where Pura Vida is a way of life. Pura Vida Kettle Corn is their way of sharing some of the good life with you!



Pasquale's Pizzeria has been serving the New Paltz and Gardiner area for over 20 years. Using fresh ingredients, classic Italian recipes and serving traditional favorites. Stop in to Pasquale's Pizzeria at the Market Area of the Craft Market Walk!


Sandwiches, bagels, soups, muffins and salads galore. The Village Market & Eatery in the heart of Gardiner serves breakfast and lunch alongside delicious smoothies, kombucha and their signature Courageous Coffee creations. Stop in for a tasty meal or a quick snack!


Gable Erenzo is former Chief Distiller at New York's Pioneering Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery. Partnering with a local 4th generation orchard, GLM brings the focus on estate spirits from the bounty of the Gardiner and New Paltz area. Gardiner Liquid Mercantile is a nano-distillery with a satellite retail shop and tasting room on Main Street in Gardiner. This Main Street Farm Shop, Cafe and Bar has become a hub for all Farm beverages and food produced within 20 miles of Gardiner Village.

Find GLM at the Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk!

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Formed in 2010, the band decided that American audiences longed to hear authentic tales of classic crisis. Yard Sale tunes are sung from the heart in 3-part harmony with a sense of pride, purpose, and dark humor. They deal with topics of country-fried angst like drinkin’ and cheatin’ and going for broke while going broke. But they also invoke the soulful beauty of R&B, the uplifting anthems of gospel, the lonesome melancholy of bluegrass, and the steamrolling syncopation of early 20th century riverboat minstrels and hobo jug bands.

Find them playing at Yard Owl Craft Brewery on the Craft Market Walk!


"He may call Hudson home, but Lorkin O'Reilly's music exudes the Scottish terrain from whence he recently came with naught but a guitar on his back, a head full of song, and hands schooled in UK folk avatars John Martyn and Nick Drake. Which is not to say his spare, gorgeous debut EP After the Thaw sounds purely vintage. It does not. Although it could hold its own against, say, Pink Moon, O'Reilly weaves in a distinctly postmodern ache, a la Elliott Smith, and the occasional turn of 21st-century phrase. All is lovingly swaddled in quietly defiant lo-fi production courtesy of Jesse Lauter and Kenny Siegal (Johnny Society), whose Catskill studio/record label, Old Soul Studios, proudly offers the services of a tape machine. Thus, each song on this too-short offering begins and ends with distinctive, rarely heard hiss, conveying unfussy analog warmth, left in like sweet, tobacco-tinged breath."
Excerpt from Chronogram

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Belle-Skinner aka Maria Brosgol is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer from New York. With a hauntingly beautiful, lilting soprano and innate sense of melody she crafts tales of songbirds, sirens and desert nomads - nuanced and layered stories which bridge the gap between past and present. Though her influences cover a broad range of genres - from French chansons and Russian folk to contemporary alt-pop and rock - her voice often draws comparisons to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, and Angel Olsen.



Matt Booth performs a mix of soulful original pieces and tasteful covers. A Hudson Valley Native, Matt pulls inspiration from artists like Jason Mraz, Dallas Green, and Ed Sheeran.


Join the stage at the Gardiner Library from 11:30-3:30 for some musical play-along fun on child friendly instruments with Ms. Sabrina from Mid-Hudson Music Together.

MHMT LLC brings together the art of play with an age appropriate curriculum containing wonderfully diverse music designed to ignite a child's musical disposition and encourage a lifetime music making. MHMT is going on 18 years now of singing, dancing, wiggling and having fun with families in the Hudson Valley. You can attend a class right in Gardiner at Stone Wave Yoga.

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Saturday, June 2nd 2018

Where to Park?

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+Main Street
+Municipal Parking next to the Rail Trail
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+Osprey Lane
+Station Square
+Gardiner Town Hall
+Gardiner Firehouse
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